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গল্পটি Black Panther (2018) movie explained in Bangla বাংলায় সিনেমার গল্প।
This film “Black Panther” portrays about a shining stone who falls into the African country of “Wakanda.” The people who used it gained the powers of “Black Panther.” The name of the king here is “Tchaka,” and he has panther powers, but he fought with a man named “Njobu,” who steals ”vibranium” and sells it to other countries. They fought and ended each other’s lives. Later, “Tchalla,” the son of “Tchaka,” was made king. He fought the warrior of the opposing tribe and won the fight. Later, he was referred to as “Wakanda’s” king. Later, he learns that a man named “Erik” is stealing their ”vibranium” and selling it to other countries.

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