Sotter Mrittu Nei Salman Shah Hit Movie


Sotter Mrittu Nei is a 1996 Bangladeshi film starring Salman Shah and Shahnaz. It became a controversial film regarding its topic. Many a man hanged them to suicide after watching injustice with Salman’s character in the film. It was a blockbuster hit and collected almost ৳11.50 crore with adjusted inflation, making it the 3rd highest grossing Bangladeshi film of all time.

Movie Name: Sotter Mrittu Nei
Director: Chotku Ahmed
Producer: Panaullah Ahmed
Production: Ananda Movies
Cast: Shalman Shah, Shahnaz, Alamgir, Shabana, Razib, Raysul Islam Asad, Anwar Hossain, Misha Sawdagor, Jalal Ahmed & Others.
Music: Alauddin Ali
Release Year: 1996

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